client: Idaho Rivers United | design: Bethany Walter | copy mission: To tell the true action-adventure story of Lonesome Larry for his 20th anniversary. I came up with this campaign when volunteering for this nonprofit organization wearing a human-sized salmon suit. What if, I wondered, we could take saving Idaho’s endangered sockeye out of the contentious political realm, and instead just spotlight the nail-biting true story of the most interesting fish in the world? So (an intern in the guise of) Lonesome Larry wandered through Idaho in the most unexpected places, handing out branded coasters and magnets that tell his story with a link to a compelling website. All documented on social media. This is a spoof on the brilliant Dos Equis’ “The Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign.

Impact: In the words of IRU’s Director of Communications, Greg Stahl: “The diverse four-month multimedia campaign included a thorough public relations effort that resulted in stories in the Seattle Times, National Geographic NewsWatch, National Public Radio, Idaho Statesman and Idaho Public Television, among others. It also included creation of a website and implementation of an intensive social media campaign that, at its peak, reached thousands of viewers per day. It also included scripting, editing and production of radio ads that ran throughout the state of Idaho.”


Rotating headlines & captivating navigation tease the full story.


The Legend landing page


The journey is long…


But harrowing & thrilling…


We really wanted to make this into a short cartoon…


If you want to fund it for us…


Lonesome Larry will love you forever.


The Legacy


The Legacy con’t. Talk about virile.


Help Larry!

Nothing, except the most interesting fish in the world, beats the full site—or the full story of this incredible journey. Check it out at LonesomeLarry.org.

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