Story Story Night is my brainchild (circa 2010). I’m the co-founder, OG host, and driving force of this wildly-popular live storytelling program that’s impacted and inspired tens of 1000s of souls throughout Boise and beyond. Now over a decade in action, I continue to consult, copy-write, and teach Studios for the on-fire program.

For nearly 7 years, I forged a way for electric, cathartic storytelling in Idaho. Told live. Without notes. I dreamed up, programmed, and hosted themed monthly live storytelling shows before audiences of 100s.

I was also the catalyst for the creation of *clears throat*… The Story Story Studio—the education arm of the program. Story Story Late-Night—the adults-only black sheep of the storytelling family. Starry Story Night—featuring bright lights in the community. The Story Story podcast. Plus I wrote and executed all marketing. Then spearheaded behind-the-scenes efforts (with a killer team and board) that eventually led Story Story Night to nonprofit status. *slow clap*

I told dozens of my own stories on the way. And helped shape the arch of 100s of other people’s everyday life epics.

The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation awarded Story Story Night with a surprise SEED grant (circa 2014)—one of only a handful of groundbreaking arts groups in under-recognized communities across the nation to receive the honor (and the yearly infusion of $10,000). This all led me to the famous artist’s tropical compound in Captiva Island (but that’s another story).