Story Story Night is my brainchild (circa 2010). I’m the co-founder, driving force, and OG master of ceremonies behind this wildly-popular live storytelling program that’s lit up 1000s of souls throughout Boise and beyond.

For nearly 7 years, I forged a way for electric, cathartic experiences in Idaho. Featuring true stories on a theme. Told live. Without notes. Every month, I dreamed up, programmed, and hosted storytelling shows before audiences of 100s. I also crafted the marketing, workshops, and podcast. Then spearheaded behind-the-scenes efforts (with a killer team and board) that eventually led Story Story Night to nonprofit status. *slow clap*

I told my own stories on the way. And helped shape the arcs of 100s of other people’s everyday epics. Now over a decade in action, I continue to consult, copy-write, and teach Studios for the on-fire program.