Speeches & Stand-up

In the midst of a live-in break-up, I won the inaugural Boise’s Funniest Person stand-up competition (circa 2013) by nailing the formula of tragedy + (no?) time = comedy. Like what’s so funny guys? *sighs… sends in the clowns*

Soon after, Boise Weekly bestowed on me the rare title of “Best Invitee to Your Next Cocktail Party” in its Best of Boise issue. (Hint, hint.) Tho I now only perform stand-up on rare occasions, I believe comedy is the highest art form. That often speaks the highest truths of humanity. Plus, the fart jokes.

Due to my sparkling wit and well-crafted wordplay that eventually comes to a head-nodding point, I’m a standing ovation repeat offender as a keynote speaker, storyteller, and host.


As an event host, keynote speaker, or storyteller, Jessica Holmes tailors to your theme, timeframe, team (even does rhyme schemes). I often speak to the power of empathy, vulnerability, bravery & storytelling to shape communities & lives. I’m also an award-winning expert in branding, copywriting & creative marketing campaigns that move companies & nonprofits forward.