Some people never really develop a taste for it. Others, can’t get enough. Even as a kid, I was hooked. Cereal boxes. Shampoo bottles. Comic books. Russian novels. Anything with words, I ate up.

Words have real power. I wield them with precision force to take care of business. I’m the voice behind notable brands that really speak to people—and sell.

From print to TV spots to websites to concepting (then executing) full-scale campaigns, every word I write combines incisive marketing strategy with fresh, compelling language.

For 16 years and counting, Jessica Holmes has lit up brands, businesses, and bottom lines with bomb copywriting. My spot-on copy makes a real impact. And is a total blast to read. (So, like…real people actually read it.)

I’ve been a copywriter for notable Boise ad agencies Stoltz Marketing Group, Oliver Russell, and CLM Marketing & Advertising—where I currently serve as associate creative director.