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“Story Story Night” website

Client: Story Story Night | Design: Jenny & Co. | Copy mission: Because everyone has a story, the new Story Story Night website needed to match the magic of its popular live shows—and detail the different programs and storyteller outreach the nonprofit provides. With new information architecture and full-tilt copywriting…Boom! There it is.

Results: Due to my visionary marketing and creative direction over the course of 6 years, this program is now one of the most consistently popular in Boise, with sold-out monthly crowds of 200 to 300. The website now sees heavy web traffic, with an astonishing 7,000 unique visitors and 60,000 page views a month.



Home page with rotating banner headlines









I’m the MC and creative driving force behind the Story Story party.


Blog—I write all the press releases (and everything else) for the program



Check out the remarkable full Story Story Night site. Make magic happen in your business, and contact me. Boom!


“Lonesome Larry” coasters

client: Idaho Rivers United | design: Bethany Walter | copy mission: To tell the true action-adventure story of Lonesome Larry for his 20th anniversary by sending out an intern in a human-sized sockeye salmon suit to the far reaches of Idaho. Bringing surprise and delight to the most unexpected places, Lonesome Larry handed out branded coasters that tell his story with a link to a compelling website. All documented on social media. The entire campaign is my concept—and was a wild success. This is a spoof on the brilliant Dos Equis’ “The Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign.


“Lonesome Larry” radio spots

client: Idaho Rivers United | copy mission: To tell the true action-adventure story of Lonesome Larry—the most interesting fish in the world—and invite Idahoans to his 20th anniversary party in 3 one-minute radio spots.

“His fish story reads like an action-packed thriller, except it’s true…”

“His commute makes the Iron Man look like a walk in the park…”

“In a race for the very survival of his species, one lone fish prevailed…”

Lonesome Larry website

client: Idaho Rivers United | design: Bethany Walter | copy mission: To tell the true action-adventure story of Lonesome Larry for his 20th anniversary. I came up with this campaign when volunteering for this nonprofit organization wearing a human-sized salmon suit. What if, I wondered, we could take saving Idaho’s endangered sockeye out of the contentious political realm, and instead just spotlight the nail-biting true story of the most interesting fish in the world? So (an intern in the guise of) Lonesome Larry wandered through Idaho in the most unexpected places, handing out branded coasters and magnets that tell his story with a link to a compelling website. All documented on social media. This is a spoof on the brilliant Dos Equis’ “The Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign.

Impact: In the words of IRU’s Director of Communications, Greg Stahl: “The diverse four-month multimedia campaign included a thorough public relations effort that resulted in stories in the Seattle Times, National Geographic NewsWatch, National Public Radio, Idaho Statesman and Idaho Public Television, among others. It also included creation of a website and implementation of an intensive social media campaign that, at its peak, reached thousands of viewers per day. It also included scripting, editing and production of radio ads that ran throughout the state of Idaho.”


Rotating headlines & captivating navigation tease the full story.


The Legend landing page


The journey is long…


But harrowing & thrilling…


We really wanted to make this into a short cartoon…


If you want to fund it for us…


Lonesome Larry will love you forever.


The Legacy


The Legacy con’t. Talk about virile.


Help Larry!

Nothing, except the most interesting fish in the world, beats the full site—or the full story of this incredible journey. Check it out at LonesomeLarry.org.

“Advocates for the West” website

client: Advocates for the West | design: Bethany Walter | copy mission: To completely rework this environmental law advocacy nonprofit’s website with new information architecture and copy that shows the power and beauty of the West—and why it’s so worthy of being protected. (And why Advocates for the West is so worthy of your donations and support.)


Rotating banner headlines & a clear, engaging speak to the heart and purpose of AW.


Infographics say it straight.


The West.


The Work


Infographic with circular logic that makes you want to give & give.


The Wins


The Advocates


The Support


A high-class website creates a higher support rate and better profile in the community

No screenshots beat the actual experience of this breathtaking website, so check out AdvocatesWest.org.

Idaho Youth Ranch annual report

client: Idaho Youth Ranch | design: Rizen Creative | copy mission: To show the extraordinary breadth, scope, and reach of the Idaho Youth Ranch through the lens of one extraordinary kid’s story—and promising future. In one 20-page annual report.




I also wrote the bulk of the Idaho Youth Ranch website too. «check it

Youthworks! recruitment postcard

client: Idaho Youth Ranch | design: Rizen Creative | copy mission: Get teenagers and young adults to sign up for the new Youthworks! program to skyrocket their employable skills, career confidence, and future job potential, plus get paid. In one postcard.


Front cover.


Back cover.


Back, top intro.


Back detail.


Back detail.



Back detail.


Call to action detail.

I also wrote the bulk of the Idaho Youth Ranch website too. «check it